Hey, this is July, co-owner of Active Baby, a Vancouver based baby boutique that has served local community since 2009. After spending over a decade selling the baby products to local parents, I think it's safe to say we've learned a few things about what you guys might like!

Now, all these years later I've decided to launch our own clothing line by adding our favourite local elements to the designs, with the styles proved from all our stores, that's how Belan.J was born. They have all been designed right here in Vancouver by myself and my team! 

From selecting the softest fabric, to finalizing each colour and print, to bringing them live by all the photoshoots and launches, it has really been a labour of love, and also a true pleasure. I hope you enjoy our collections as much as I have enjoyed creating them! 

Lots of love. 


P.S. "Belan.J" came from the combination of my three daughters' names - Bell, Ruann, Hailan. J is me July - I was born in July and love summer. When I was told that "Belan.J" sounds like "beautiful angel" in French, it is a joyful surprise to me.