About Belan.J

What makes Belan.J special? 

Belan.J is rooted in Vancouver, originally designed to cater local customers of BC, Canada, with local elements incorporated into the pattern designs. You can find their popular prints of bears, pine trees, mountains, florals, leaves, etc, depicted in a delicate watercolour style, reflecting the love of nature and a unique artistic style. It offers a comfortable experience for both babies and mothers with soft and gentle materials such as high quality premium bamboo fabric and soft cotton knits, ensuring that they are not only durable, but also safe and gentle against a baby's delicate skin.

In addition to its commitment to quality, Belan.j is also focused on sustainability. The brand uses eco-friendly materials and production processes, and is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact. This makes Belan.j a great choice for parents who are looking for environmentally conscious baby clothing options.

When the first collection was launched?

Belan.J was launched in May 2021 and has been well-received since its inception. The brand offers a wide range of products, including bamboo sleepwear, dresses, outfits, bamboo blankets, and accessories, all made from high-quality sustainable bamboo fabric and designed to promote comfort and style for both baby and mother.

Who is the founder of Belan.J? 

July Lu, mother of three young children, co-owner of Active Baby, has extensive experience in the children's clothing industry. She has not only personally used, but also ordered, promoted and sold many baby products from various brands for over a decade through Active Baby's brick and mortar and e-commerce stores.
This experience provided her with valuable insights into what local mothers look for in baby clothing and helped her to create a brand that embodies her passion and vision. With Belan.J, she aims to provide a quality product that not only looks good but also promotes the well-being of the babies and the environment.

Where the products are made? 

They are ethically made in China.

The manufacturer of Belan.J is a small family-owned business. The manufacturer has a focus on quality control and detailed attentions to materials, with a fair treatment of employees, safe and healthy working conditions and environmentally sustainable production process. It has built a positive impact in their local community and baby clothing manufacturing industry.

What’s special about our bamboo fabric? 
Belan.J’s bamboo apparels are made with 95% bamboo and 5% of spandex. The bamboo fabric is bamboo rayon viscose fabric, which is super soft, moisture wicking and temperature regulating; the 5% spandex adds the stretchiness to the fabric. The thickness of 250gsm of our fabric offers better durability and also reserves quality better after washes. All our bamboo fabrics are certificated with OEKE-TEX mark. 

About our fibre: We use raw white viscose staple fiber (including GRACELL), viscose rayon filament yarn and viscose embroidery thread made from wood pulp. The fibre meets the human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX presently established in Annex 6 for baby articles. The fabric has a conformity declaration according to ISO17050-1, uses STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX mark.