Why our Sleep Sacks

We're all about making sure your little one sleeps like a dream in our sleepsacs at Belan.J! That's why we put so much love into designing and crafting our comfy bamboo sleep sacks. The double layers of high-quality bamboo fabric give that extra softness your child will just love.

And check out how wide our sleepsacks are! We made sure your little ones have all the room they need for a super cozy sleep. It does take a lot of material to make them this wide, but seeing your child sleep better makes it totally worth the effort for us.  

Love these!

We have a couple sleepers, and they're the best! They've been treated roughly by my toddler, and we've managed to always get the stains out, and they look brand new after each wash!

Laura G.

Buttery soft!

I absolutely love this piece. It is so buttery soft and breathable. It’s the perfect piece regardless of the weather! And it holds up and remains soft after washing too - which is incredible since I’ve purchased bamboo pieces that lose their softness after washing.

Larissa B.

So soft!!

These sleepers are our absolute favourite! They're so soft and the quality is amazing! Hard to find good, quality sleepers that help with my son's eczema.


About our Prints

Did you know our very first print was a beautiful watercolor floral design? Since then, we are all about the watercolor style for almost all our prints. We find endless inspiration in the nature surrounding us and in embracing the Canadian lifestyle here in Vancouver. We are also proud of working with a group of talented artists, transforming our visions and vibe into unique patterns.

Now, here's a little secret: in the Belan.J team, we don't just have one, but a few sets of picky eyes. It's not unusual for a design to go through more than five rounds of reprinting before finalizing for production. If we all like it, we're pretty sure you'll love it too.

Hello from July

Belan.J was created out of my passion for bringing unique, beautiful, and sustainable apparel for children and families, so they can enjoy the comfort, style, and quality in their everyday lives.

After serving the local community through Active Baby since 2009, and spending over a decade selling baby products to parents from our boutique stores, we've learned a few things about what local mamas might like! As Belan.J was born and is growing right here in Vancouver, the brand is infused with Canadian elements, featuring soft color tones and unique watercolor patterns.

From selecting the softest fabrics, finalizing each color and print, to bringing them to life through photoshoots and launches, it has truly been a labor of love, and a pleasure and joy. I hope you enjoy our collections as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

My mission is to continue serving our community with the products we design and create, making life a little easier and happier for you and your children.

P.S. Belan.J is derived from the names of my three daughters: Bell, Ruann, and Hailan, with 'J' as the initial of July. I combined their names to create the name 'Belan.J'

Thank you for your love and for being part of our journey. 🤍


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