Our Story

Belan.J was created out of my passion for bringing unique, beautiful, and sustainable apparel for children and families. As a mother of three, my daily mission is to raise them with a healthy lifestyle and provide them with the best quality of life possible. I want the children who wear our clothes to experience the same care and quality that we weave into our products.

Before Belan.J was born, I worked all of my working hours as the store owner of Active Baby, a local baby store carries a variety of categories for young children and families. After serving the local community through our stores since 2009, I’ve learned a few things about what local mamas might like!

From selecting the softest fabrics, finalizing each color and print, to bringing them to life through photoshoots and launches, it has truly been a labor of love, and joys of creativity.

Since Belan.J was created right here in Vancouver, our design is inspired by Canadian culture and local elements, depicted in our signature watercolor style.

P.S. About the brand name “Belan.J. It’s derived from a combination of the names of my three daughters: Bell, Ruann, and Hailan, with 'J' as the initial of my name, July. Hence, 'Belan.J'. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that when pronounced in French, it means "beautiful angels”.

Thank you for choosing us and having your children rock in Belan.J. Thank you for being here and being a part of the journey 🤍