It's been three years since we launched our very first Belan. J collection back in May 2021. We didn't have a warehouse back then; our garage was our "official" warehouse for everything. I still remember how nervous I was when I opened the first box from our first shipment. My hands were shaking as I cut open the first box and took out the first piece. Then I burst into tears and screams of joy—it was perfect! I opened the second piece, then the third, and my heart was filled with excitement, joy, and an enormous sense of relief. There were 26 boxes in this shipment. The fabric and prints were all perfect, and every single piece was well-made! 

On May 17, 2021, I announced Belan.J on Active Baby's Instagram page:

"It’s coming! It’s coming!! Our first Belan.J bamboo line is coming, just in time for this summer☀️! I can’t count how many hours I’ve put into this first collection or how many months I’ve waited for its arrival! I’ve never been this excited and nervous about receiving a shipment. Stay tuned for all the details. P.S. We will be calling for baby models soon!"

On May 24, 2021, we launched our very first collection!

Sleepers in watercolor leaves and watercolor florals sold out from the shelves of all three Active Baby locations within two weeks. Retailers reached out to us, requesting to carry our products in their stores or on their websites. The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. And yet, it was a collection without sleep sacks, which didn't come to life until one year later.

This May, we just finished launching our Hydrangeas collection, which is the fifth monthly collection of this year. We are now getting ready for the June and Core collections. It has been quite a journey, but time has flown by. Has it really been three years already?

I am so excited to see Belan.J grow!  We have so many exciting things planned - new prints, new fabrics and new styles!