Both our classic sleep sack and new swaddle sack are made from our dreamy 250gsm Bamboo Rayon which provides an idea cover for baby’s sleep.  Bamboo fibers are naturally temperature regulating, moisture wicking and hypoallergenic all these combine help to create the perfect sleep conditions for littles ones, especially those with sensitive skin.  But how to decide which option is right?   Baby’s age and developmental stage play a big role in this choice, let’s explore how you can decide which option is right for your baby.

Swaddle Sack

  1. Purpose

    • Newborn Comfort: Swaddle sacks ais designed for newborns and young infants (approx. 6-15lbs) who are comforted by the snug feeling of being swaddled. Swaddling can help mimic the secure environment of the womb, promoting better sleep. Our swaddle sack leave baby’s arms out so they have their hands free to help self soothe.
  2. Features

    • Secure Design: Our Swaddle sack is designed to fit securely at baby’s neck and shoulders to prevent the fabric from covering baby’s face.  The Swaddle sack also fits snugly though the torso so baby will feel gently “hugged” while sleeping.
    • 2-way Zipper Closure: Like our classic sleep sack, the swaddle sack also has a 2-way zipper to make middle of the night changes a breeze.
  3. Transition Period

    • Limited Use: Due the snug design, the Swaddle sack is designed to fit newborns and young babies who are approximately 6-15lbs. As baby grows they will need to transition to a larger sleep sack.  However, with the arms out of the swaddle, there is not a concern about baby rolling over as they is when baby’s arms are restrained.

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Sleep Sack

  1. Purpose

    • Freedom of Movement: Sleep sacks are suitable for older infants and toddlers who have outgrown the need for swaddling. They provide the freedom for your baby to move their arms and legs while still enjoying the comfort of a wearable blanket.
  2. Features

    • Variety of Designs: Our sleep sack come in 3 different TOG rating (0.5TOG, 1.0TOG & 2.5TOG) and a variety of prints and solids.
    • 2-way Zipper Closure: Many sleep sacks have a zipper or snap closure for easy diaper changes and dressing.
  3. Transition Period

    • Longer Use: Sleep sacks can be used for a more extended period compared to swaddle sacks, making them a versatile and practical sleep solution as your baby grows. Our sleep sacks are designed to be wider at the bottom giving your little one plenty of room to kick and move as they sleep.

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Both swaddle sacks and sleep sacks play essential roles in a baby's sleep routine at different stages of development. Pay attention to your baby's cues and choose sleepwear that provides comfort, safety, and supports their evolving sleep needs.  When sticking with the same brand with the same fabrics, the transition from cozy swaddle sack to sleep sack can be an easy one.