Sleepsacks have become the standard for safe sleep for babies.  They provide safety and comfort for baby throughout the night.  One of the most common questions about sleepsacks is “what should I put on my baby underneath?”  The answer is - it depends.  Let’s go over some sleepsack basics and how you should decided on what to put on your baby for sleep.


The Purpose of a Sleepsack:

Before delving into what to dress your baby in under a sleepsack, it's essential to understand the purpose of this sleepwear. Sleepsacks are designed to provide a safe alternative to loose blankets in a crib. They offer a cozy and secure environment, reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by eliminating the possibility of a baby getting tangled in bedding.


Consider the Room Temperature:

The first consideration when dressing your baby under a sleepsack is the room temperature. It's crucial to maintain a comfortable and safe sleeping temperature for your infant. If the room is warm, a lightweight sleepsack without additional layers might be sufficient. On the other hand, in cooler environments, you may want to layer your baby's clothing for added warmth.


Options for Warm Environments:

In warmer climates or during hot seasons, a simple onesie or lightweight pajamas underneath the sleepsack may be enough. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo to help regulate your baby's body temperature. Keep in mind that overheating is a concern, so feel your baby's neck or back to ensure they are not too hot.


Layering for Cooler Temperatures:

In colder weather, it's advisable to add layers underneath the sleepsack to keep your baby warm. Consider using footed pajamas or a onesie along with a light sleeper or gown. You can adjust the number of layers based on the room temperature, making sure your baby is comfortably snug without overheating.


Tips for a Safe Sleep Environment:

  •  Avoid using additional blankets or quilts inside the crib when your baby is wearing a sleepsack.
  • Ensure that the sleepsack fits securely around your baby's neck and shoulders to prevent any risk of it riding up.
  • Regularly check your baby's temperature to make sure they are neither too hot nor too cold.

Choosing what to dress your baby in under a sleepsack involves considering the room temperature, the season, and the type of sleepsack you're using. Prioritize your baby's comfort and safety, and always follow the guidelines provided by the sleepsack manufacturer. By creating a cozy and secure sleep environment, you're helping your little one enjoy a peaceful night's sleep while minimizing potential risks.


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