As a team of women and mother’s, we know how hard the postpartum period can be for new moms.  That's why we were SO excited when the team at Care For Women approached us to support the new mothers they service in the Fraser Valley.  The team at Belan.J put together a box of care packages consisting of a onesie, socks and washcloths to be handed out to the women who utilize Care For Women's services.

Who are they:

Care For Women is a registered Canadian charity which serves the communities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, and Mission, providing essential support to mothers during the postpartum period.
They believe that motherhood was never meant to be done alone. Yet too many mothers of newborns feel isolated, disconnected and overwhelmed by the challenges within motherhood. Mothers are vulnerable during the postpartum period, and when they lack the social support they need it increases the risks of depression, anxiety, and attachment challenges that can impact a growing baby and their families for the long term.

What they do:

The team and volunteers at Care for Women are "mothers supporting mothers" during the initial weeks postpartum, offering essential services such as: 
  • Prepared meals delivered directly to Moms and their families
  • Professional cleaning 
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Dedicated 1:1 in the home mentorship and support
Since inception in 2020, Care For Women has supported over 280 mothers, with 69 more currently awaiting assistance. Their impact goes beyond numbers; it’s about creating a healthier, stronger community by ensuring mothers and their babies receive the support they need during the most crucial stages of life.
Learn more about their work, get involved, or seek support by visiting our website at
Together, we can ensure no mother walks this journey alone.