A lot of care goes into our sleep sacks. From the fabric to the fit, we have thoughtfully designed every detail to create the best sleep sack for you and your little one. Here's a little info into what what goes into each:


Our sleep sacks are made from Bamboo Rayon, which not only feels great against a baby's delicate skin but also offers various benefits, such as hypoallergenic properties, breathability, and moisture-wicking ability, ensuring comfort and dryness. Our bamboo material has a higher GSM (Grams per Square Meter) at 250gsm, due to its tight weave and thicker yarns, providing warmth and durability. 

Our fabric meet Canada's flammability regulations for sleepwear (CAN/CGSB-4.2) without any added flame retardants.

Learn more about GSM HERE

Cozy Batting for Warmth:

We offer our sleep sacks in three different TOG ratings – 0.5TOG, 1.0TOG, and 2.5TOG. Our 0.5 TOG sleep sack features two layers of soft bamboo, offering a little warmth and coverage, perfect for warmer days. Our 1.0 TOG and 2.5 TOG sleep sacks have quilted batting sandwiched between our soft bamboo, providing extra warmth for little ones.

Learn more about TOG ratings HERE

2-Way Zippers:

All our sleep sacks feature a quality 2-way zipper, allowing you to open from the top or the bottom, making nighttime diaper changes quick and easy so you and your baby can get back to sleep faster.  We exclusively use YKK zippers to ensure top quality.

Chin Guard:

At the neck of all our sleep sacks, there is a chin guard made from our soft bamboo. This chin guard covers the top of the zipper, preventing pinches when zipping up and irritation from the zipper pull at the baby's neck when done up.

Comfortable Fit:

Our sleep sacks are designed with extra room at the bottom. This means your little one has room to stretch and move their legs while sleeping, all while maintaining a great fit at the neck and armholes.

All of these elements come together to create the perfect sleep sack for your little one. Our commitment to creating a comfortable, nurturing sleep environment for your baby is unwavering, ensuring that every night's rest is a peaceful and secure experience. 

Watch how our sleep sack are made.


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