The weather outside is cooling as the winter season approaches. Parents are faced with the challenge of keeping their little ones warm and comfortable during the cold nights, while follow safe sleep guidelines. One excellent solution to ensure a cozy and safe night's sleep for your baby is to invest in a 2.5 TOG sleep sack.

What is a 2.5TOG sleep sack?

Any sleep sack that has a TOG rating of 2.5TOG means it is recommended for sleeping in temperatures between 16-20*C (61-68*F).  These sleep sacks will have extra quilted batting to provide extra warmth.

Learn more about TOG ratings. 

When is a good time to use a 2.5TOG sleep sack?

Winter: 2.5 TOG sleep sacks are excellent for keeping babies warm during the colder winter months. The higher TOG rating provides ample insulation to ensure that your little one stays comfortably warm without the need for additional blankets. This is especially important in regions with frigid winters.

Cool Autumn and Spring Nights: While 2.5 TOG sleep sacks are ideal for winter, they also work well during cooler autumn and spring nights when the temperature can fluctuate. The added warmth they provide helps maintain a consistent and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.

Air-Conditioned Rooms: If you live in an area with hot summers or your baby's room is air-conditioned, a 2.5 TOG sleep sack can be a good choice. It ensures that your baby doesn't get too cold due to the cooling effects of air conditioning.

Camping:  Sleeping outdoors in a tent or RV can be unpredictable - Overnight temperatures can dip even during summer months.  Dressing baby in a 2.5TOG ensures they remain warm overnight while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. 

Our Belan.J 2.5TOG sleep sacks are warm & cozy without overheating baby.  This is due to just the right amount of quilted batting inside and the Bamboo Rayon on the outside layer.  Bamboo is naturally temperature regulating, breathable and moisture wicking which helps keep baby the right temperature all night long.

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